Thailand’s Got Talent


A wonderful memory of great artists and warm friends in Chiang Mai.

Thailand has held so many surprises and opportunities. Serendipity seems to be having a field day here.
Some of the best houses can’t be seen from the main road. Thailand has certainly proven to support that.

Chiang Mai Talent

Since living in Thailand I have had the honour and privilege of performing with some very talented musicians. My stay in Chiang Mai brought me into contact Jeap Supreeda; a well known Flamenco dancer and teacher from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Since meeting we have performed at various events, festivals and 5-star hotels including the Four Seasons Hotel and The Shangri-La Hotel.

The Four Seasons rehearsal 

We have also made a music video together and through Jeap I was fortunate to meet and work with Geng; a very talented and musically sensitive Cellist and Anna Nantawan; a versatile and very musical vocalist.
The perfect compliment for my style of music and composition.

This has led to cooperation with other artists like Attasit who performs with Isan Soul.

The hospitality of the people of Thailand has never ceased to amaze me. But when combined with ‘Good old American hospitality it is the best of both worlds.

Jeap introduced me to the Chamberlains; Brad and his wife wed, their talented multi-instrumentalist son Rees and their daughter Zoe; a student of flamenco dance and a mean tuba player.

This family’s kindness has seen me housed and fed many times.

Brad has even rushed me to a hospital at 2 am when I snapped the bone in my little toe.

Not forgetting Mojo; their deaf dog who loves to sit in on rehearsals and feel the vibrations from their son Reece’s cajon playing.

I feel blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and if nothing else, the pursuit of a career in music has brought the most wonderful people and fascinating experiences into my life.